The Impact of Attack Surface Management in Mortgage Servicing

In the constantly evolving financial services landscape, where security threats are significant, and regulatory pressures are abundant, staying ahead is imperative. This case study describes how a leading mortgage servicer (choosing to remain anonymous) overcame challenges and transformed its security posture by implementing an attack surface management program. The organization not

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6 Ways Compliance as a Service Saves Companies Time 

Let’s set the stage. You’re managing a company amid rising labor costs and inflation, striving to maintain net income without sacrificing the vital components that generate revenue.  Navigating this landscape feels like a knife fight. The market feels like a battleground, and your priority is to ensure the business focuses

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Transferring Visual Studio Projects to MinGW-w64 

As penetration testers and red team operators, we often find ourselves conducting engagements from Linux-based operating systems. This preference is partly due to the compatibility of many offensive security tools with Linux-based environments. Whether you prefer Windows, Linux, or MacOS for your engagements, it would be convenient to perform all

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Creating and Managing a Risk Register 

In today’s fast-paced and uncertain business environment, effective risk management is more crucial than ever. At the heart of this process lies a vital tool – the risk register. A risk register is an essential component for any organization looking to proactively manage potential risks and uncertainties that could impact

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Understanding Compliance as a Service Through the Value Equation 

When making any purchase decision, we instinctively weigh four key factors to determine its worth. In this blog, we’ll discuss these elements and apply them to the concept of Compliance as a Service (CaaS), illustrating its value through what we call the “Value Equation.”  Dream Outcome  Firstly, we consider the

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From Reactive to Proactive: The Value of Offensive Security 

Threat actors constantly evolve and innovate, leaving organizations vulnerable to attacks from an ever-growing list of tactics and techniques.  While reactive measures like incident response teams and forensic analysis can help mitigate damage after a breach, they leave organizations scrambling to catch up. Alternatively, a proactive approach emphasizes prevention by

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The Benefits of Outsourcing PCI Compliance Management 

Depending on an organization’s size, type, and skill level, it can either manage its compliance internally or outsource it to a third party. For companies with a small PCI footprint (whether due to their small size or ability to reduce their PCI footprint), having an internal PCI compliance manager may be

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