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Security Awareness Training

Deliver Security Awareness Training Using Office 365

How to capitalize on your existing Microsoft environment to deliver security awareness training. Are you looking for an effective, easy to maintain, and low-cost solution to deliver security awareness training to your team? Have you read our previous guides providing an overview of what’s required for an effective security awareness

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How to Gamify your Security Awareness Training

Take your security awareness training to the next level! Human error continues to be a leading factor in data breaches. Security awareness training can reduce the likelihood of this error, but can coworkers absorb that information? Gamification can help address this problem. This blog will provide insight into how you

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Annual Security Training – Phase 3: Deliver

Are you looking to create the best security training environment for your organization? This is a recurring need across all organizations that we will guide you through in this series, “Annual Security Training – Design, Develop, and Deliver”. If you’re wondering why you should focus resources on developing security training

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Annual Security Training – Phase 2: Develop

Winning the time to effectively communicate to your organization. Are you looking for insight into the best method of establishing a security training environment within your organization? This is a recurring need across all organizations and one which we will guide you through in this series, titled “Annual Security Training

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Takeaways from SANS SEC560- Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing

This past week I completed the SANS SEC560 – Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking course at the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative in Washington DC. With the experience fresh on my mind, I wanted to share my impressions with others considering SANS training. A Quick Overview of the SANS 560

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