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Transferring Visual Studio Projects to MinGW-w64 

As penetration testers and red team operators, we often find ourselves conducting engagements from Linux-based operating systems. This preference is partly due to the compatibility of many offensive security tools with Linux-based environments. Whether you prefer Windows, Linux, or MacOS for your engagements, it would be convenient to perform all

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Leveraging ‘Rubeus’ for Active Directory Penetration Testing (Part One) 

The rapidly evolving, complex cybersecurity landscape places Active Directory (AD) at the forefront of many cyber threats. As a crucial component of network infrastructures, AD is targeted by attackers looking to exploit its vulnerabilities. “Rubeus” emerges as a pivotal tool for security professionals, offering advanced capabilities that thoroughly assess and strengthen

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Revolutionizing Compliance: Our Innovative Service for Enterprises

We have unveiled a groundbreaking Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solution designed to streamline compliance processes for medium to large organizations. This innovative service, leveraging the fullCircle GRC platform, aims to simplify the audit process, consolidate controls across various compliance frameworks, and significantly reduce the friction and overhead associated with

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Van Buren vs US Blog

Van Buren v. U.S. Brief and Breakdown

Trying to make sense of the Supreme Court’s recent Van Buren ruling? Below, is an easy-to-digest breakdown of the Court’s decision Brief Overview of Van Buren v. U.S. On June 3, 2021, the Supreme Court issued a 6-3 decision, ruling on the Van Buren v. United States case. The court held

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Risk Assessment Blog

How to Perform a Risk Assessment (Part 2)

After you perform a risk assessment, what do you do with the results? Find out the answers to that and other common risk assessment questions in part 2 of this series! If you want to learn how to perform a risk assessment, check out part 1 of the blog here. How

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How to Read a HITRUST Validated Assessment

Understanding the results of a HITRUST engagement and how to use them. During your vendor due diligence process, a vendor sends you their HITRUST report. What exactly does this report tell you? How can you use this information to properly evaluate the vendor? In this blog, we will give a

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