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Security Awareness Training

Deliver Security Awareness Training Using Office 365

How to capitalize on your existing Microsoft environment to deliver security awareness training. Are you looking for an effective, easy to maintain, and low-cost solution to deliver security awareness training to your team? Have you read our previous guides providing an overview of what’s required for an effective security awareness

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Incident Response

Designing an Incident Response Program

Incident response is a critical aspect of any security program. A well-designed incident response program can greatly decrease the cost of a security incident or data breach. Additionally, it is also a requirement for most common security frameworks. Consider the following requirements from SOC 2 and ISO 27001 as you

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NISTIR 8259 Blog

NISTIR 8259: Securing IoT Devices of Tomorrow

How IoT device manufacturers can use guidance from NISTIR 8259 to secure the IoT devices of tomorrow. The growing footprint of the Internet of Things (IoT) has already affected our world in a capacity much larger than we have ever expected. Think of home devices like Amazon’s Alexa, “smart” fridges,

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The CISO Role

The CISO Role: How to Design a Security Leadership Role

This blog post is part of a multi-part series on designing an information security program in alignment with your most important business objectives. You can also watch the webinar/podcast which accompanies each blog post for more ideas. CISO Role (Part 1) | Security Org Structure (Part 2) | Budgets (Part 3) | Business Cases (Part

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How to Gamify your Security Awareness Training

Take your security awareness training to the next level! Human error continues to be a leading factor in data breaches. Security awareness training can reduce the likelihood of this error, but can coworkers absorb that information? Gamification can help address this problem. This blog will provide insight into how you

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