Risk3sixty Releases New Straightforward Solution to Draft, Ratify and Publish Corporate Policies

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Phalanx licensees can now replace cumbersome manual processes typical of
corporate privacy and compliance management with a convenient, user-friendly solution.

ATLANTA — June 8, 2022 – Risk3sixty, a firm that helps high-growth technology companies assess, build and manage security, privacy and compliance programs that secure their client’s data and inspire stakeholder confidence, today announced the release of its Policy Management module, a centralized location where firms can draft, ratify and publish policies. Available as part of the Phalanx GRC security, privacy and compliance platform, the foundational module includes 35 policy templates for all platform subscribers.

“Nobody likes dealing with security policies, but they are a reality for many companies,” said Kevin Ketts, Chief Technology Officer of risk3sixty. “Policies are difficult to create, update, and get approved, and the processes are manual and difficult to manage. With our new Policy Management module, Phalanx users will be freed from the traditional hassles of cumbersome, painful processes for policy management.”

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Instead, Phalanx users will enjoy complete management and control of their security policies, all of which will be readily available for on-demand access. The solution enables detailed tracking of changes and approvals, including the ability to publish policies to all employees and collect annual policy acknowledgments in an automated manner.

When reviews are done, they will be marked as complete with no further effort on the user’s part. Authorized company staff can even transfer policy ownership to others who need to review or sign off on them, and the module can also keep track of whether policies are confidential or not.

“Compliance is mission critical for our customers as well as for nearly every organization in a diverse array of industries. Yet, the effort borders on excruciating for everyone involved,” said risk3Sixty Product Manager Carlin Cole.“The Phalanx Policy Management module is designed to take the pain out of policy management, simplifying compliance and providing the ability to review policies in bulk.”

This feature allows users to share policies with others via a simple weblink that can be set as public or private. When personnel are required to review policies, the system will track that the employee has read the policies and acknowledged receipt of the information. These statuses will be retained by the system for reporting to compliance managers and others responsible for these activities.

“From the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation to more localized laws such as the Consumer Privacy Protection Act, firms everywhere need to track and ensure compliance with applicable regulations,” said Ketts. “With Phalanx and risk3Sixty on their team, they will be backed by one of the most supportive compliance platforms available.”

About risk3sixty

risk3sixty, an Atlanta-based cyber security consulting company, works with high-growth technology firms to help leadership build, manage and certify security, privacy and compliance programs that underpin public and stakeholder trust yet never hinder business goals. These efforts are propelled by the company’s cybersecurity playbook and expert leadership paired with the powerful security, privacy and compliance platform, Phalanx GRC. The firm has a proven track record of helping accomplish these missions for “unicorns,” high-value clients that have a valuation of $1 Billion or more. To learn more, visit https://staging9.risk3sixty.com or subscribe to its podcast, ‘The Tuesday Morning Grind’: https://staging9.risk3sixty.com/tuesday-morning-grind-podcast/.

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