Core vs. Context: Embrace Your Core, Outsource Your Security Compliance Program

In the business world, Geoffrey Moore introduced a game-changing concept of “core” versus “context.” Think of it as the magic that makes your company stand out (core) versus the mundane necessities that everyone has (context).

Your core is the secret sauce, what you do better than anyone else, while context is all the other stuff – necessary but not flashy. It’s the baseline that your competitors also provide. We view security compliance programs as contexts that should be outsourced.

Balancing Core and Contextual Tasks in Business

For your core security capabilities, here’s the blueprint for success: 

  • Focus most of your time, resources, and attention on these core aspects that pack the most punch.
  • Prioritize developing, maintaining, and optimizing these core tasks and features.
  • Streamline and eliminate unnecessary complexities and overhead to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Now, about those contextual security capabilities: 

  • Be cautious about overinvesting your precious time and resources into contextual elements. They’re necessary but shouldn’t be within core priorities.
  • Consider outsourcing or automating context-related tasks to free up valuable resources for the core. 
  • Regularly evaluate and fine-tune context elements to identify opportunities for streamlining or elimination.

As a security leader, your mission is crystal clear:

  • Prioritize core security activities.
  • Make shrewd security investments.
  • Assemble a team of genuinely elite security professionals.

Regarding security compliance, let’s put this “context” into perspective. While compliance is pivotal in evaluating, assessing, and monitoring security activities, it doesn’t directly fend off attackers. Following the philosophy of contextual capabilities, it might be time to outsource your security program and get it off your plate.

Outsource the Context to Fuel Your Core 

How do you take the context that is compliance off your plate? Outsourcing your security compliance program to experts offering Compliance as a Service (CaaS). Let them be the ones who take on the external audits and readiness assessments. Cultivate SOC 2, ISO, PCI, HITRUST, HIPAA, and FedRAMP specialists.

Taking advantage of outsourced compliance expertise and CaaS allows for the following: 

  • Feeding business growth through your core by reducing contextual resource consumption 
  • Unification of security compliance strategies, frameworks, audits, and timelines 
  • Year-round compliance management by experts that ensures you stay ahead of regulatory changes 
  • Efficient and cost-effective outsourcing that enhances your in-house GRC teams 
  • Reduced interdepartmental friction from expert collaboration, auditing consistency, and framework consolidation 

In a world where resources are finite, you can’t excel at everything. 
Security compliance may be necessary, but it’s not where you want to be extraordinary. It’s about being good enough to defend your position and meet compliance standards within your competitive landscape. 

Prioritize the security capabilities that make a real impact. Free your team to focus on the magic of the core, where innovation and protection flourish, and let outsourced security compliance experts handle the context.

Interested in learning about how Compliance as a Service (CaaS) can enable growth? Contact us for a guided walkthrough with one of our seasoned experts to determine if CaaS is right for you now or in the future.

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