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Our expert team of penetration testers can mimic real-world threats to identify vulnerabilities and test your defenses through a mix of automated and hands-on testing. Connect with us now so we may:

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  • Explain how we can turn reactive into proactive security that identifies and quantifies risk
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Red Teaming

Simulating real-world attacks

Our skilled ethical hackers simulate real-world attacks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in your system or network, just like a malicious hacker would.

Uncover weaknesses, test your security defenses, and evaluate incident response plans effectively with our Red Team approach.

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Continuous Testing

Ongoing & automated assessments

This proactive and ongoing approach involves automated assessments of your digital assets, networks, applications, and systems in real-time.

Unlike periodic testing, our continuous penetration testing identifies and addresses vulnerabilities and security weaknesses as they emerge, ensuring robust protection for your organization’s assets.

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Penetration Testing

Internal & external pentesting

External testing focuses on fortifying external-facing network infrastructure, including firewalls and web servers.

Internal testing delves into the security of internal network infrastructure, such as servers and workstations. Uncover and address vulnerabilities to thwart unauthorized access to your network effectively.

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Additional Penetration Testing Services

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Cloud Penetration Testing

We assess the security of your cloud-based infrastructure, including servers, virtual machines, and storage systems. Our goal is to pinpoint vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit, safeguarding your organization’s cloud-based resources from unauthorized access.

Web Application Penetration Testing

We assess the security of your websites and web-based services to identify vulnerabilities that attackers might exploit. Our goal is to fortify your defenses, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and securing control of your web applications.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

We assess the security of your smartphone and tablet applications, aiming to identify vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. Our goal is to fortify defenses, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and securing control of your mobile applications.

Purple Teaming

A collaborative blend of Red Team offense and Blue Team defense testing. Our Red Team simulates attacks, while the Blue Team detects and responds, working together to identify and address vulnerabilities in your system or network.

This integrated approach enhances your overall security posture by providing a more comprehensive assessment, surpassing the insights gained from standalone Red Team or Blue Team tests.

Physical Security Assessment

We employ techniques like lock picking, security system bypass, and social engineering to assess the effectiveness of your physical security measures.

Our goal is to uncover vulnerabilities in locks, access control systems, and surveillance, ensuring your facility is safeguarded against unauthorized access and enhancing the overall protection of sensitive assets.

Network Segmentation Testing

We evaluate the effectiveness of your network’s segmentation measures through isolation, vulnerability assessments, access control verification, traffic analysis, and simulated attacks.

Our goal is to ensure only authorized users and systems access specific resources, addressing vulnerabilities proactively. This approach strengthens network security, minimizing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to critical assets.

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