ISO 27001

ISO Bytes: ISO 27001:2022 Updates Course

Covering everything you need to know about the ISO 27001:2022 Updates. Watch this preview of what to expect.

ISO 27001

ISO Bytes: ISO 27001 2022 Updates course

Covering everything you need to know about the ISO 27001 2022 Updates. Watch this preview of what to expect.

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Discover the Latest in ISO 27001:2022 Updates

Discover the latest updates in the ISO 27001 framework. Our series dives into new and existing Annex A controls, equipping you to implement them effectively in your organization.

What the Course Covers


Mastering ISO 27001:2022 Essentials

 From strategic governance controls to robust system and network security measures, each video dives into essential topics to fortify your defenses.

Building a Secure Foundation

 Explore governance controls, asset management, and identity and access management strategies to establish a solid foundation for protecting assets and data.

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Achieving Comprehensive Protection

Advanced topics such as secure configurations, threat and vulnerability management, and business continuity planning.

Sawyer Miller

About the Author: Sawyer Miller is a seasoned Director of Audits and Implementations at risk3sixty. Sawyer is instrumental in helping clients implement business-first information security and compliance programs.

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