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Why You Need Penetration Testing

Nice-to-Have Turned Need-to-Have

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Why You Need Penetration Testing

Head-in-the-sand approaches to the threat of the adversary has lengthened the list of easy targets for ransomware gangs, supply chain compromises, and insider threats.

The consequences of not being prepared for a successful attack are growing more costly, and not just financially. Reputation and trust are at stake.

Despite its glamorous look, penetration testing results these days are rarely tied to the actions of sophisticated attackers. If anything, they assess the baseline maturity of an environment against low hanging fruit.

Penetration testing isn’t optional anymore. It’s your starting point.

Team Specialist

Ryan Basden


Ryan is a manager and offensive security specialist for risk3sixty where he helps to implement business-first offensive and defensive security strategies. After several years on the blue team, Ryan is now building our Renegade Labs Team at risk3sixty. His specialties include web application and network penetration testing, red/purple teaming, and management consulting.

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