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Simple Guide to SOC for Cybersecurity

Simple Guide to SOC for Cybersecurity


In April 2017 the AICPA released the SOC for Cybersecurity examination. The report’s goal is to provide Companies a report type that is more appropriate for general distribution and that also provides report readers visibility into the Company’s cybersecurity risk management program.

This whitepaper provides an overview of SOC for Cybersecurity and clarifies the distinctions between the SOC for Cybersecurity and SOC 2 examinations and provide readers a simple guide (see table starting on page 3) to navigating each report type.

Team Specialist

Christian White


Christian is a strategic business partner, helping companies navigate IT initiatives and compliance projects. His experience includes coordinating and managing compliance projects, executing IT risk assessments, Cybersecurity advisory, and IT strategy. Additionally, Christian has extensive experience leading organizations, establishing corporate training programs, implementing change initiatives, and managing complex projects for international clients.

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