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Recognizing Great Penetration Tests eBook

Recognizing Great Penetration Tests


Everyone seems to have a different idea of what a penetration test is. Does it involve phishing employees? What about running port scans? Is it just checking for vulnerabilities and reporting them to management? Is the creepy, hooded person just going to “get in” from the outside and tell you what they could steal?

No matter what, you need to know how to identify quality penetration testing. The success of your business and the security of your environment depends on it. In this eBook, we explore what makes for a great penetration test and how you can be sure you and your company are getting the most out of your hacking team. Download it today to learn more!

Team Specialist

Ryan Basden


Ryan is a manager and offensive security specialist for risk3sixty where he helps to implement business-first offensive and defensive security strategies. After several years on the blue team, Ryan is now building our Renegade Labs Team at risk3sixty. His specialties include web application and network penetration testing, red/purple teaming, and management consulting.

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