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Pillars of Pentesting:

A Guide to the risk3sixty Attack Strategy

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Pillars of Pentesting Whitepaper


When it comes to understanding weaknesses in networks, web application stacks and cloud infrastructure, one of the best ways to get a clear picture of the vulnerability landscape is through the results of a penetration test.

Allowing a professional, with the mindset and thought processes of a hacker, to test security measures can reveal the ways that legitimate threats could cause harm to a business. But how does one validate that a penetration test is comprehensive, thorough and well-considered enough to be valuable and worth the cost?

What separates the legitimate penetration test from the smoke and mirrors being sold as a penetration test?

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Team Specialist

Ryan Basden


Ryan is a manager and offensive security specialist for risk3sixty where he helps to implement business-first offensive and defensive security strategies. After several years on the blue team, Ryan is now building our Renegade Labs Team at risk3sixty. His specialties include web application and network penetration testing, red/purple teaming, and management consulting.

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