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Penetration Test Engagement Types:

A Comprehensive Guide to Defending Against Real-World Attackers by Simulating Real-World Attacks

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Penetration Test Engagement Types


Cybersecurity is a business problem impacting the livelihoods of companies and their owners. As a  result, Management and Leadership must take steps to proactively identify and resolve security vulnerabilities to protect company value.

A great place to begin (or continue) maturing your security environment is through penetration test activities. Penetration tests can be a catalyst for change and a proof-of-concept that security is important and more can be done to protect the business.

The problem for many companies is understanding what type of penetration test engagement is the best fit for your organization.

This whitepaper will define and explain common penetration test offerings in detail, outline the key differences and benefits, and which engagement type is the best fit for your organization.

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Team Specialist

Ryan Basden


Ryan is a Cyber Risk Sr. Analyst and offensive security specialist for risk3sixty where he helps to implement business-first offensive and defensive security strategies.

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