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SOC 2 Single Framework Strategy

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Since SOC 2 is a reporting framework where the criteria are defined, but not the controls, there is an opportunity for companies seeking to build a SOC 2 program (or re-engineer their SOC 2 program) to integrate SOC 2 into an existing security framework(s) and operate a more streamlined security and compliance program.

Such an approach can help companies to 1) avoid a continuous whack-a-mole audit season, where multiple recurring audits slow the organization down and need for audit support throughout the year, 2) avoid increasing program costs, and 3) avoid diverting focus (e.g., engineering) from the business’s core objectives.

In the following four steps and case studies, we will explore how to reduce audit burden, contain costs, and manage complexity by integrating SOC 2 into a single framework strategy and streamlining assessment work to enable a ‘do once, report many’ approach:

  • Define the needs of the organization (today & in the future)
  • Understand the Current Cost Structure
  • Craft a SOC 2 Strategy
  • Drive Change