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Strategies to Achieve Security by Design

DevSecOps Whitepaper


Everyone agrees that security is a top priority, yet few teams have integrated security into the development lifecycle. A common concern is that security creates roadblocks that impede the engineering process.

But what if teams could integrate security without slowing down development?

In this whitepaper we will explore ways for teams to achieve frictionless integration of security into the existing DevOps lifecycle. At each phase, we will identify security activities that teams should consider implementing to fuse security and the Software Development Lifecyle (SDLC).

The goal of each recommendation is to reinforce the technical, cultural, and business benefits of DevOps while ensuring adequate security is integrated without handicapping market release.

Team Specialist

Shane Peden


Shane is an information technology and security specialist helping organizations navigate the complexities of cybersecurity, risk and compliance. His experience includes supporting IT infrastructure build-outs, Information Security program development and implementation, compliance project leadership and delivery, and executing IT risk strategy. Shane is a thought leader in his area of expertise and has authored numerous articles

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