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The Business Case for Penetration Testing

How It Can Protect Your Revenue and Reputation

Business Case for Penetration Testing eBook


This eBook explores the business case for penetration testing – why it matters, the financial risks and investments associated with a pentest, potential cost reductions, and more. You will find important information on the business case for penetration testing and how penetration testing will help protect your company’s revenue and reputation. Also, this eBook provides templates for developing a business case.

What is Covered:

  • Overview of Penetration Testing and Types
  • The Business Case for Penetration Testing
  • The Current Threat Landscape
  • The Financial Impact of Data Breaches
  • The Cost-benefit of Penetration Testing
  • Insurance and Penetration Testing

Team Specialist

Kevin Ketts

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Kevin Ketts is a risk3sixty Strange Renegade, where he helps high-growth technology companies, build, manage, and certify their Security, Privacy, and Compliance programs. Kevin is the CTO responsible for overseeing Product Management, Engineering, Pentesting and IT. He also provides vCISO services to risk3sixty clients.

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