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Adopting the NIST Privacy Framework

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NIST Privacy Framework Whitepaper


Frameworks such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO 27701 help define the major pillars of an enterprise privacy program. Yet, as additional privacy regulations are enacted, companies may lack a defined strategy to address new requirements and may fail to take a risk-based approach to their privacy programs. The NIST Privacy Framework provides the ability for organizations to analyze key privacy objectives and clearly define their strategic approach to these objectives. In addition, by adopting the Framework, companies can position themselves to scale along with the growth of privacy regulation.

Risk3sixty’s QSAs and PCI specialists have put together a scope document based on what they would be looking for from an organization they assess, so now you can have, on paper, a defensible and templatized approach to both managing and presenting your PCI scope internally as well as to your external assessors in the future.