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Past to Present – Lessons From the NotPetya Ransomware

And how they are still relevant today.

On a warm, sunny day in July 2017, one of the world’s most catastrophic and rampant demonstrations of ransomware began. Commonly referred to as NotPetya, the infection was released from a compromised software company located in Ukraine and quickly spread across the world. The outbreak impacted companies such as DHL, Mondelez International, and […]

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Vendor Management Spreadsheet

Recently, I’ve been working on developing an easy way for smaller and medium sized clients manage their Vendors and perhaps more importantly track which Vendors present the most risk. One of the more challenging exercises has been thinking through two things:

1. What are elements that would make a given Vendor risky;
2. What weight to I assign to each risk; and
3. What […]

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