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Google’s Data Centers: Speaking of Physical and Environmental Security

My previous posts on physical and environmental security controls covered a gamut of security measures to protect data and facilities. Then I ran across this video from Google's data center and it looks like they have more than a few of those controls in place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZmGGAbHqa0 BONUS: Here's a link to Google's presentation on "Fighting Common Web Security Bugs". The presentation [...]

Performing a Physical Security Audit

Photo from security.honeywell.com Physical Security audits are designed to ensure that data and information technology infrastructure are protected from malicious and/or unintentional acts of harm. That includes preventing hackers from plugging directly into your machines to steal data or preventing a clumsy co-worker from spilling coffee on a server rack. Physical Security audits are most common for data centers and [...]