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risk3sixty Successfully Completes Peer Review

At risk3sixty, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship. It is one of our core values. As a result, every engagement follows a rigorous quality standard and multiple levels of internal quality assurance review. It’s just one way we try to make sure everything we produce meets a set of minimum quality standards. In addition to our own internal quality standards, our […]

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risk3sixty Named American Innovation’s 50 on Fire

On April 12, 2019 American Inno announced that risk3sixty was named to Atlanta’s list of “50 on fire”. The list celebrates firms that supports Atlanta’s ecosystem of technology and innovation. An event will be held on June 6, 2019 at Ponce City market to recognize these companies.

You can view the full list here or read more about the event

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Security Researchers Identify Critical Vulnerabilities in AMD Chips: Chimera, Ryzenfall, Masterkey and Fallout

Critical Vulnerabilities in AMD Chips

Security researchers at CTS-Labs, based out of Israel, disclosed 13 critical vulnerabilities and backdoors in certain AMD chips used in workstations, laptops and servers. Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could grant deep system access to attackers from which they could launch malware attacks undetected.

The vulnerabilities are four in name:

1 | Chimera – Two sets of backdoors in […]

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Tracking Data Breaches & Staying Informed

The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on educating consumers, corporations, government agencies and other organizations on best practices related to fraud and identity theft detection, reduction and mitigation.

Additionally, the organization does an excellent job of indexing and documenting data breaches as well! ITRC’s 2015 year-end report indexed 781 breaches, with each […]

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Target 2013 Breach: Understanding the Need for Secure Network Segmentation

A recent post from Cyber Security Investigative Reporter, Brian Krebs, does a great job of reminding IT and Information Security professionals everywhere why proper Network Segmentation is so important.

The post, “Inside Target Corp., Days after 2013 Breach” goes into detail about how once criminals infiltrated Target’s corporate network, they were able to run free within the […]

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