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What We Learned About Each Other While Running 100 Miles Together

Every year our team runs a 100-mile relay race through North Georgia (for charity). Along the way, we learn a lot about ourselves and a lot about each other. Back in October, I wrote a blog post about why our team does hard stuff together. I wrote that post because our team has a standing tradition of doing things like [...]

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We Started a Business – Our IT Audit Blog is Still Going Strong

This update is long overdue, but we started a business! After two years of blog posts we decided to take the leap and make risk3sixty a full fledged consulting company. Specifically, focusing on world-class IT Audit, Cyber Risk, and Compliance PMO services. After talking to many of our clients and colleagues we realized the world wants a boutique consulting firm like [...]

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Join our “IT Audit, Risk, and Compliance” Group on Linkedin

Join our IT Audit, Risk, and Compliance group on Linkedin. The purpose of this group is to promote the exchange of ideas and resources within the IT audit, risk, and compliance profession. I hope this group can function as a clearinghouse for articles, resources, jobs, and most importantly be a great place to ask questions and exchange ideas between IT auditors [...]

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Help Our Community Grow (and Free Whitepaper on Data Breaches)

We want to thank those of you have continued to visit our blog over the last several months. The conversations, emails, and comments have been awesome. We are proud of the community we are building and we need your help to make it grow! Why should you help us grow this community? This is your community. The more individuals that become part of [...]

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There are no good I.T. Audit Blogs

Results courtesy of Google.com. It's true. There aren't. I've Googled it and I can't find a single I.T. Audit blog I find helpful. Most of the I.T. Audit related sites out there either claim to be "I.T. Security" blogs or are so specific and so technical that they are almost always unusable to the layman or manager who doesn't [...]

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