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Business Continuity Planning: It Takes a Village

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery are essential tools for organizations of any size and maturity level; but what may not be apparent is the appropriate amount of resources required to ensure organizations are prepared with an effective BCP. All too often, the task of constructing and maintaining the organizations Business Continuity Plan falls to a select few or even […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Manufacturing Environment

Manufacturers make money from production. If production stops so does revenue. Orders may not be delivered on time, delays happen, customers are unhappy, and the company loses money. Because manufacturers are increasingly reliant upon technology to complete production and technology will fail at some point it is vital to have a backup and disaster recovery (DR) plan at the plant […]

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Skepticism over Clustering and Mirroring as Backup and Recovery Solutions

I recently came across a control in a client’s processes that threw up a red flag and will definitely get a bit more attention from me during our audit. The control mentioned Clustering and Mirroring as part of their Backup and Recovery solution:

Control Statement:
Data mirroring is implemented at the primary data center for backup […]
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