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Webinar: Serverless Password Cracking or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love AWS

Password cracking by the book is expensive, complicated and difficult to scale. Trying to crack passwords on laptops is comparatively slow and unhelpful. Investing in a rack of Nvidia graphics cards to do all the heavy lifting is so costly that the added value is nearly impossible to communicate. At the end of March, Ryan Basden, Manager of Cyber Risk at […]

Webinar: Conquering the Cloud: Defense-in-Depth Strategies for Amazon Web Services

At the end of March, Shane Peden, Director of Cyber Risk and CISO Advisory at risk3sixty, spoke at BSides Atlanta 2020 about strategies for implementing “defense-in-depth” within Amazon Web Services, the most widely used of the cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers. You can watch it at the link below!

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