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Business Continuity Planning – Not Just for Big Business

Regardless of the size of your organization, business continuity planning can scale to suit your needs. You may be under the assumption that business continuity planning is something that only companies with vast resources and deep pockets can successfully implement. Or maybe you think that only companies with multimillion-dollar revenues or hundreds of employees need to worry about developing business continuity [...]

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Planning, Executing and Learning from Tabletop Exercises

Conducting impactful tabletops to train and develop your business resiliency. Throughout the process of maturing your business continuity or governance and compliance environment, you have likely encountered the need for conducting an annual or quarterly preparedness exercise, commonly referred to as a “tabletop exercise”. You may also be encountering or being instructed to implement tabletops now that we are entering into [...]

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Business Continuity Awareness Week (2020)

Business Continuity Awareness Week is an annual global event that is facilitated by the Business Continuity Institute. From May 18th through May 22nd, business continuity professionals, organizations, and industries at large will be participating in an annual event known as Business Continuity Awareness Week, or BCAW. BCAW was started and continues to be hosted by The Business Continuity Institute, a not-for-profit [...]

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