Web/API Web App & API Pentesting DevOps' Ethical Hacking Team Support Compliance: ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC 2, and More If your web applications and domains are the core of your organization or product, make sure they can't be used to harm users and customers. Using industry-leading techniques and toolets, our highly trained penetration testers can help you secure your applications and prevent data breaches. OWASP Standard DevOps Integrated Talk to an Expert

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Our Methodology

Three Easy Steps


Planning, Scoping, and Rules of Engagement

We work with management to define the engagement scope, define clear objectives, and any rules we should follow during the engagement to help ensure everything goes as planned.

Goals: Clear Scope | Clear Mission | No Surprises


Penetration Test Execution

Leveraging a mix of proprietary and enterprise grade tools, our certified experts execute the Web and API penetration test engagements based on industry best practices like OWASP and NIST.

Goals: Execute a world class penetration test with actionable findings


Reporting and Read-Out

Our penetration tests typically have three elements: An executive summary, technical detail for engineers, and a thorough read-out session to address any questions and help your team take action.

Goals: Executive Visibility | Actionable Improvements | Fair Reports

Research and Labs

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Project Ares

Open source and cloud based password cracking toolset.

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Thought Leadership

Penetration testing articles and whitepapers.

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