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Security for Healthcare Start-ups:

A Roadmap & Business Case for Security, Privacy, & Compliance for Healthcare Start-ups

Security is Table Stakes for Healthcare Start-ups


For many healthcare IT startups, the complexities of security, privacy and compliance present a blind spot that can be difficult to address. Resources are tight and the stakes are high. Regulatory mandates and customer requirements can be a barrier to client acquisition and present significant risk. The organization is tasked with not only having to prove their product solves an important problem, but also demonstrate to prospects that buying the product or services will not pose a security threat to their organization.

In this whitepaper we will present a security, privacy, and compliance roadmap for the healthcare IT startup to consider throughout the early stages of the organization’s lifecycle. We will also discuss some strategies for arming your sales teams with the information and tools they need to remove doubt in the mind of prospective healthcare customers.

Team Specialist

Shane Peden


Shane is an information technology and security specialist helping organizations navigate the complexities of cybersecurity, risk and compliance. His experience includes supporting IT infrastructure build-outs, Information Security program development and implementation, compliance project leadership and delivery, and executing IT risk strategy. Shane is a thought leader in his area of expertise and has authored numerous articles

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