Christian Hyatt

Christian Hyatt


Christian is the CEO and Co-founder of risk3sixty. Christian is responsible for setting the vision for the team, ensuring the leadership team is “rowing in the same direction,” creating purpose and alignment across the firm, and nurturing company culture.

Christian has 15 years of experience advising technology companies to build and improve their cybersecurity programs. Christian works hard to partner with executives to help ensure they have the strategy and tactics to align cybersecurity and business objectives.

Under Christian’s leadership, risk3sixty has been named Consulting Magazine’s Best Firms to Work For, Atlanta’s Fastest Growing companies, Atlanta’s Best Places to Work, HireVets Platinum Honoree, and more.

Outside risk3sixty, Christian advises technology start-up companies on business growth. He is also an author, keynote speaker, and Vistage member.

Christian has an M.B.A. from Georgia Tech and a B.B.A. from the University of Georgia. Christian is a Georgia Tech Technology and Management (T&M) corporate partner and Advisory Board Member for UGA’s Management Information System Advisory Board.

Suggested Topics:


  • Cybersecurity trends based on risk3sixty’s last 1000 security assessments (based on our research)
  • Who are the bad guys (criminals, hacktivist, nation states, hackers)
  • Compliance: SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HITRUST, etc.
  • Trending topics like Ransomware, blockchain, election security, etc.


  • How privacy can impact a company’s revenue
  • Emerging regulatory trends such as GDPR and CPRA
  • How are you being tracked online?
  • Trending topics like mass government surveillance, social media and privacy, etc.


  • Strategy: Keys to a successful start-up company
  • Team: What is employee engagement and why does it matter?
  • Grit: Why does doing hard things together matter