How We Measure Candidates at risk3sixty

Business boils down to one thing: People People are the most challenging (and rewarding) part of a successful business. And I mean the full lifecycle of employee experience. You have to do a great job recruiting, making hiring decisions, then training people better than anyone else, creating a culture where people want to stay, and if people leave - helping them [...]

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How to Interview for Grit

I just finished the book "GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance" by Angela Duckworth. Duckworth is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and has studied Grit in the context of success for over a decade. The results of her studies: Grit matters. Instinctively, when I speak with leaders of organizations they know that grit plays a big role in [...]

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Quality Work Does Not Mean Quality Service

Quality Work Does Not Mean Quality Service "Managing the Professional Services Firm" by David Maister is considered to be "core canon" among consulting professionals. Though it was originally published over 25 years ago (1993) it has aged gracefully and almost all of its content is still relevant today. One of our team's favorite distinction, as pointed out by Maister, is the [...]