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You’re an Outstanding Leader. But you need an Operating System.

The Security Team Operating System Will Harness the Energy of Your Team to Accomplish Amazing Things

  1. Purpose: Leader’s define a clear objective and help their team focus their energy to accomplish it.
  2. Values: How to establish principles and hold the team accountable to acceptable rules of behavior.
  3. Roles: Leaders ensure the right people are doing the right job to accomplish the mission.
  4. Rhythms: How to establish cadences to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  5. Goals: Leaders harness the team’s energy to accomplish a clear objective.

Is this book for you?

The Security Team Operating System is for Leaders Like You

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CISOs seeking inspiration

This book is perfect for CISOs that are looking for ideas on how they can improve the performance of their team. This book includes real world lessons learned from over 80 CISOs. 

Security Leaders running a team

You will be able to lead your team with clarity and confidence by adopting the best practices, templates, and lessons from CISOs throughout this book. 

Emerging Leaders who need a playbook

If you are an emerging leader this book will help you establish a formalized system to run your security program. 

About the Author

Christian Hyatt

Christian is an entrepreneur, executive, and advisor to technology companies on cybersecurity. As an entrepreneur Christian has helped build one of the fastest growing cybersecurity technology companies in the nation. Christian is the CEO and Co-founder of risk3sixty.

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Author of hundreds of blog posts, lectures, and publications.

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