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Transferring Visual Studio Projects to MinGW-w64 

As penetration testers and red team operators, we often find ourselves conducting engagements from Linux-based operating systems. This preference is partly due to the compatibility of many offensive security tools with Linux-based environments. Whether you prefer Windows, Linux, or MacOS for your engagements, it would be convenient to perform all

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From Reactive to Proactive: The Value of Offensive Security 

Threat actors constantly evolve and innovate, leaving organizations vulnerable to attacks from an ever-growing list of tactics and techniques.  While reactive measures like incident response teams and forensic analysis can help mitigate damage after a breach, they leave organizations scrambling to catch up. Alternatively, a proactive approach emphasizes prevention by

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So, you got a pentest. Now what?

How to progress toward a truly secure organization and infrastructure after penetration testing. You did it – you paid for penetration testing services. Whether it was to fulfill a potential client’s request, satisfy your interest or to be compliant with some framework, you tested the mettle of your environment against

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An Introduction to Active Defense

Global research and advisory firm, Gartner, forecasts that information security spending will exceed $124 billion in 2019, yet cyber defenses continue to fail. Organizations large and small continue to experience breaches of all varieties resulting from zero-day exploits, failures in vulnerability patching, and phishing. The market has responded with a

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Why You Need Penetration Testing

Capital One’s recent data breach is only the latest in the perennial series of high-profile data breaches that have occurred in the last few years.  What do Equifax, Home Depot, Target, and others have in common?  Great security programs with high-quality and competent people running them. These companies experienced data

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