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Incident Response Plan Blog

The Business Case for an Incident Response Program

The vCISO Advantage At Risk3Sixty, one of the critical components we focus on with each of our vCISO clients is their incident response program (IRP). The information security professionals working in our vCISO service line help your business fulfill its certification and compliance objectives. But, more importantly, our key focus

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Among Us Game

How ‘Among Us’ is a Tabletop Exercise in Disguise

Every gaming experience has valuable lessons to learn. In Among Us, players are unintentionally engaging in tabletop exercises similar to what businesses are conducting annually. This blog will show you how playing Among Us could be considered a tabletop exercise that can teach players business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident

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Incident Response

Designing an Incident Response Program

Incident response is a critical aspect of any security program. A well-designed incident response program can greatly decrease the cost of a security incident or data breach. Additionally, it is also a requirement for most common security frameworks. Consider the following requirements from SOC 2 and ISO 27001 as you

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Planning, Executing and Learning from Tabletop Exercises

Conducting impactful tabletops to train and develop your business resiliency. Throughout the process of maturing your business continuity or governance and compliance environment, you have likely encountered the need for conducting an annual or quarterly preparedness exercise, commonly referred to as a “tabletop exercise”. You may also be encountering or

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