How risk3sixty Uses SOC 2 to Demonstrate HIPAA Compliance

The AICPA-designated SOC 2 framework is used to express an opinion on controls over security, privacy, availability, confidentiality, and processing integrity for many different systems, organizations, and environments. In addition to improving security posture at your organization, SOC 2 is a great sales tool to demonstrate to your customers that

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Leveraging Hitrust as Hipaa

Leveraging HITRUST for HIPAA Compliance

How to cut through the ambiguity, use HITRUST to demonstrate HIPAA compliance, and take your risk model seriously. The Challenges with HIPAA The HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach Notification Rules were signed into law with the intent to protect sensitive health information from unauthorized use and disclosure. By design, the

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A Red Teamer’s Trip to the Doctor

The things that go through a security professional’s head during a regular doctor’s visit, why they matter to the healthcare industry, and why they should matter to you. Healthcare organizations are the stewards of troves of very private and personal information. This makes them high-value targets of all sorts of

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