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New 2022 HITRUST Assurance Assessments and Results Distribution System

In 2022, HITRUST will change its Assurance Assessments and Results Distribution to include three levels bC, i1, and r2. These changes will help start-ups and high-growth organizations obtain assurance assessments through HITRUST. Introduction HITRUST was founded in 2007 to provide healthcare IT organizations with assessments of their security controls. It

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A GRC Tool is Not a GRC Program

A GRC tool can provide many benefits to your GRC program. However, before you chase shiny objects, you must understand what a GRC program is and how a GRC tool fits into the program. Defining a GRC Program A Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) program is a strategic initiative within

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4 Benefits of a GRC Tool

A GRC tool can help an organization manage its governance, risk, and compliance program. But why use a GRC tool instead of managing your GRC program manually? GRC tools can be invaluable for teams that work with multiple frameworks, manage a wide array of risks, or want more transparency from

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