Risk3sixty to Disrupt the GRC Market with Free Version of Phalanx GRC

Phalanx Release

Risk3sixty is offering companies a free GRC solution that has been built by experts
with decades of experience in the industry.

ATLANTA — June 27, 2022 – Risk3sixty has helped organizations assess, build, manage, and certify their security programs against multiple compliance frameworks including SOC 2 and ISO 27001 since 2016.

Today, risk3sixty is releasing Phalanx GRC Essentials, a free version of their expert-built platform that has already helped more than a hundred companies build and maintain their compliance and security programs.

Phalanx GRC helps organizations of all sizes build world-class security and compliance programs. The platform, already available at multiple pricing tiers for companies to choose from for their unique needs, is now available in a free version for companies looking to start their compliance and security programs in an expert-guided way.

We decided to create a free version of the Phalanx GRC platform because we want to give back to the community — to share our expertise with organizations who are building their programs for the first time or looking for a platform to help them mature their existing programs quickly,” said risk3sixty Chief Technology Officer Kevin Ketts. “Some platforms promise a silver bullet for achieving compliance, but risk3sixty recognizes there is no silver bullet, and that expertise and craftsmanship are crucial to building a well-run program. We seek to empower teams with simplified self-assessments, easy-to-understand recommendations, and a structured approach to managing security and compliance activities.”

Features of the freemium version of Phalanx include:


Self Assessment

Allows companies to evaluate the current state of their security and compliance program and receive detailed recommendations for improvement.


Project Management

Project Management
Allows companies to manage remediation efforts from their self-assessment results.


Vendor Management

Vendor Risk Management
Allows companies to catalog vendors, deploy questionnaires, and assess vendor risks.


Compliance Calendar

Compliance Calendar
 Allows companies to create and sync calendar events for every element of their program leveraging pre-built templates.


Version Manager

Policies Module
Allows companies to create, edit, publish, and track acknowledgments for documentation critical to the success of their compliance program.


Vulnerability Management Screen

Privacy & Security Features
Allows companies to ensure their identity and access management setup is secure.


“Risk3sixty is excited to offer the first free platform in the market and hopes the platform can make a positive difference,” said risk3Sixty CEO & Founder Christian Hyatt. “We’ve spent tens of thousands of person-hours assessing and deploying security and compliance programs, and now we are putting everything we know into Phalanx and offering that expertise and technology excellence to everyone.”

Risk3sixty’s free tier enters a crowded market at a price point unmatched by other companies. Phalanx GRC Essentials is positioned to provide organizations with the essential capabilities necessary to quickly assess and mature their security and compliance programs with no extra cost for the software.

“We know how hard compliance can be, and we understand that cybersecurity hygiene is a ‘table stakes’ endeavor,” Hyatt added. “We want to help by using our experience to simplify program building and maintenance activities for as many customers as possible while making a real difference in the security compliance space.”

About risk3sixty

risk3sixty, an Atlanta-based cyber security consulting company, works with high-growth technology firms to help leadership build, manage and certify security, privacy and compliance programs that underpin public and stakeholder trust yet never hinder business goals. These efforts are propelled by the company’s cybersecurity playbook and expert leadership paired with the powerful security, privacy and compliance platform, Phalanx GRC. The firm has a proven track record of helping accomplish these missions for “unicorns,” high-value clients that have a valuation of $1 Billion or more. To learn more, visit https://staging9.risk3sixty.com.

Phalanx GRC helps companies of all sizes assess, build, manage and maintain their compliance and security programs. Phalanx GRC was built by the experts at risk3sixty, who have helped hundreds of companies achieve certifications using the platform. Phalanx and the risk3sixty team will be your guide to a successful security and compliance program implementation. To learn more, visit https://phalanxgrc.com.

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