Relieving Operational Strain from Security Leaders with Managed Compliance Services  

Stressed Technology leaderIn security leadership, the burden of managing compliance programs often overshadows the joy of executing core responsibilities for CISOs, CTOs, and Directors of Security. The challenge of focusing on security strategy and running a technology organization while also managing GRC programs has become an unfortunate and burdensome reality.  

So, what’s the alternative? 

You may have heard about Managed Compliance Services, Compliance as a Service (CaaS), or Outsourced Security Compliance. If this concept is familiar, why are so many hesitant to move forward? Let’s explore a few possible reasons:  

Your Current Situation Doesn’t Seem That Bad

While delaying planned security initiatives or technological advancements is frustrating, your current process is still working out for you. If this resonates with you, it’s a valid standpoint that requires personal resolution. The question becomes whether maximizing your time doing what you love outweighs the status quo.  

You Like the Idea of Reclaiming Your Time, BUT 

The idea of relinquishing control over the security compliance program is inconceivable. Undoubtedly, maintaining certifications like 27001 or achieving a qualified SOC 2 is crucial. However, similar concerns were raised during the transition from on-premises to cloud services. Trusted Cloud Service Providers demonstrated reliability, surpassing in-house management. Risk3sixty’s managed compliance service specializes in building and managing security compliance programs, leveraging the knowledge gained from working with numerous companies like yours.  

Concerns About Culture Fit with risk3sixty’s Team 

The fear that the risk3sixty team won’t align with your established culture is a legitimate concern. Recognizing the importance of culture alignment, our selection process ensures shared values with clients. At risk3sixty, we treat each client as a valued relationship, and our commitment is to support and integrate with your culture throughout our collaboration. 

It’s Just too Expensive 

Admittedly, managed compliance services comes with a price tag. However, the investment reflects the commitment to providing a service that prioritizes your GRC program and enhances your company culture. Cost-cutting measures, while tempting, would compromise the quality of service and our ability to guide you through external audits reliably.  

At the end of the day, risk3sixty is here to alleviate the burden of your GRC program, allowing you to focus on what you love and were hired to do. We are committed to delivering excellent service and tangible results, and that’s reflected in our pricing.  

Ready to explore a partnership with risk3sixty and utilize our Managed Compliance Service offering? Contact us today! We’re eager to discuss and make it a reality.  

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