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Privacy Philosophy Blog

What Is Your Privacy Philosophy and Why Does It Matter?

When I work with clients to build their privacy programs, one of my first questions is, “What’s your privacy philosophy?” Most often, the response is, “Isn’t that what we hired you for?” OK, so I walked right into that one. I ask because even if you haven’t previously called it

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Virginia Privacy Act Blog

The Virginia Consumer Data Privacy Act is Law: What Now?

Virginia’s Consumer Data Privacy Act (“VCDPA” or “the Act”) is the newest state privacy law in the U.S. This blog will examine who is subject to the Act and key requirements to consider. Who Must Comply? Overall Threshold The Act applies to businesses that operate in Virginia or provide products

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Maximizing the Value of Your Privacy Impact Assessment

Telling your privacy story through a PIA As privacy regulations have proliferated, companies have been scrambling to address the many new compliance requirements. One component that can prove challenging to implement is the Privacy Impact Assessment.  Note: you can see our earlier whitepaper here. While the Privacy Impact Assessment may

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What Are Your Privacy KPIs?

Identifying and maintaining measures of success in privacy programs. The publication of ISO 27701 is an exciting development for all companies looking to enhance and potentially certify their privacy programs.  As companies race to digest and implement the new standard, many questions arise about addressing some of its particular requirements. 

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