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VCISO: How We Help “Fix It” the risk3sixty Way

In the vCISO service line at risk3sixty, we see early on in engagements that many of our clients have found themselves caught in a break/fix cycle, which reminded me of an old SNL skit. If you’re not familiar with Saturday Night Live, it’s a sketch comedy show that has a

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Webinar Security Structure

Webinar: Security Organization Structure

Check out our webinar from Shane Peden and Christian Hyatt in which they discuss how to optimize your organizational structure to seamlessly overlay security and compliance without burdening your leadership team. Podcast: Listen now

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The CISO Role

The CISO Role: How to Design a Security Leadership Role

This blog post is part of a multi-part series on designing an information security program in alignment with your most important business objectives. You can also watch the webinar/podcast which accompanies each blog post for more ideas. CISO Role (Part 1) | Security Org Structure (Part 2) | Budgets (Part 3) | Business Cases (Part

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