A Commitment Beyond Business: Impactful Community Service

In 2023, we continued to elevate its cybersecurity and compliance consulting standards and significantly amplified its foundational commitment to community service. This year marks the seventh anniversary of the company and its tradition of giving back to the community, a core value deeply embedded in the company’s ethos since its inception. Here’s a look at how risk3sixty honored its pledge to serve and support various community initiatives throughout the year.

A Year of Service: Seven Initiatives for Seven Years

In celebration of its seven years of operation, risk3sixty dedicated itself to seven distinct acts of community service. These initiatives were not just chosen randomly but were nominated by employees, reflecting the personal and collective commitment of the team to causes close to their hearts. Here’s a glimpse into the varied initiatives:

  1. Fighting Hunger: Team members assembled boxes of high-need food items for North Fulton Community Charities, helping families fill their plates during the December holidays.
  2. Empowering Youth: Participation in Lionhearts Fitness Spartan Race supported this local nonprofit’s mission to empower young people to overcome life’s obstacles and build strength.
  3. Educating the Next Generation: Risk3sixty professionals shared their cybersecurity expertise through educational events aimed at helping individuals transition into information technology security careers.
  4. Supporting Crisis Recovery: A collaboration with the City of Refuge’s cybersecurity program aimed to provide crucial support to individuals and families recovering from life-altering crises.
  5. Promoting Cybersecurity Careers: As a sponsor of a cybersecurity educational program by ISACA and featuring at Cybersecurity Boot Camps, risk3sixty took an active role in inspiring and guiding future professionals in this critical field.
  6. Mentoring Future Leaders: Partnering with prestigious institutions like Georgia Institute of Technology and Kennesaw State University, risk3sixty led career sessions to mentor recent graduates at the start of their professional journeys.
  7. Sharing Knowledge and Resources: By contributing content to platforms like Udemy Academy, risk3sixty ensured that quality learning materials were accessible to all.


Beyond Business: A Culture of Caring and Excellence

Risk3sixty’s community service activities are a reflection of its broader mission: to not only excel in business but also to make a positive impact on the world. Co-founder and CEO Christian Hyatt emphasizes that investing in communities, alongside clients and team members, remains a foundational aspect of the firm. This commitment to service is ingrained in every facet of the company, driving not just business strategies but also individual and collective actions.


Looking Ahead to 2024 and Beyond

As the year draws to a close, risk3sixty is already looking ahead, identifying non-profit organizations and initiatives to support in 2024. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the firm’s commitment to community service is not just about one-off activities but is a sustainable and ever-evolving effort.

Our journey in 2023 is a testament to the powerful impact businesses can have when they integrate community service into their core values. By blending professional expertise with a heart for service, risk3sixty is setting a standard for how companies can contribute to societal well-being while pursuing business excellence.

For more details on risk3sixty’s community service initiatives and how they are shaping a better tomorrow, visit their official press release. Join us in celebrating and taking inspiration from risk3sixty’s commitment to making a difference in people’s lives beyond the realms of business.

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