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Philip is in charge of Security, Privacy, and Compliance research and quality assurance at risk3sixty. As part of Philip’s duties, he oversees privacy and attestation reporting and is the co-quality assurance manager for the assurance practice (SOC 1, SOC 2, and attestation reporting) where he is responsible for ensuring each engagement meets risk3sixty’s rigorous quality standards in line with AICPA requirements. Philip leads development and peer review of thought leadership, research, and whitepapers. In addition, Philip acts as the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for a wide array of US based firms facing GDPR compliance.

Cloud Companies Can Conquer GDPR with ISO 27018 Certification

Cloud Companies Can Conquer GDPR with ISO 27018 Certification. Almost a year into a post-GDPR world, the question for many cloud service providers is still, “How do I evidence GDPR compliance?”  With no meaningful certification in sight, the time is now for cloud service providers to be proactive in showing how they protect customer data in accordance with GDPR.

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