This update is long overdue, but we started a business!

After two years of blog posts we decided to take the leap and make risk3sixty a full fledged consulting company. Specifically, focusing on world-class IT Audit, Cyber Risk, and Compliance PMO services.

After talking to many of our clients and colleagues we realized the world wants a boutique consulting firm like risk3sixty. As one of our clients put it: a firm that “possesses a unique balance of technical, business, interpersonal and leadership skills who are are customer focused, value conscious, strategically minded, and capable of delivering results that make a positive difference.” (Check out our Value Proposition)

Right now we are focused on hiring the best manager-to-partner level candidates we can find and also growing the Atlanta market, but we have (and love) clients all over the US and abroad. In general our strategy is to hire the best manager-level-and-above consultants in our network and give them the tools and resources to over-serve our clients. We think this is a pretty big departure from the model traditional CPA and Consulting firm model that will make both our clients and team-mates happier.

What about the Blog?

Although we are consulting for ourselves full-time these days our blog is still alive and well. In fact, our goal is to increase the number of quality blog posts including posts from our team members with expertise in a wide range of IT Audit, Security, and Risk related topics.

We promise not to spam you with a sales pitch or clickbait. Our content will remain relevant and hopefully provide even better reading material to people in our industry. Going forward you should still see at least one post per week and as always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback.