Required Reading:
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Until recently the security concerns associated with IoT devices have been mostly speculative. It’s easy to ignore how a webcam or a inexpensive gadget might be a cyber-security concern. Most people don’t think in terms of security.

For me this is part of what makes the IoT space interesting. Consider what’s happening: 1) The number of internet connected devices is exploding, 2) Most of these devices have little or no security, and 3) There’s no obvious reason to fix these security problems. What we’re left with is a problem that is only going to get bigger and evolve over time.

As IoT-type devices find there way into hospitals, homes, and the personal lives of users there is no question security concerns will become more potent; however, at that point will it be too late? Is there a proactive approach to IoT security we should consider or will it get worse before it gets better?