Here are some quick reads for the week of August 29, 2016. If you have interesting links of your own share them in the comments.

Thoughts on the Delta Outage

There is hardly a company I have consulted with that doesn’t rely on outdated technology to support critical components of their business. In fact, most larger companies aren’t relying on just one out-of-date technology, but many of them.

Whether because of M&A activity or lack of capital expenditure on IT initiatives unpatched servers, unsupported AS/400 and windows servers, and custom systems only a handful of developers understand all continue to thrive in the basements of the best-known companies.

Left unchecked, these factors present significant risk to organizational sustainability, but fly under the radar in lieu of more visible IT initiatives like cloud, cyber, or big data. However, over the next few years it seems likely companies will have to re-assess their risk profile to account for much needed transitions to newer technology platforms.

So, from that perspective, the Delta outage isn’t a surprise. In fact, I wonder to myself if it is instead a sign of things to come?