Lessons Learned from a Cybersecurity Review

The past week presented me with a neat opportunity. I was asked to assess a so called “Cybersecurity” plan of action for a small organization which has a strong internet presence but little internal expertise in the way of IT operations and security. When I was initially approached about my expertise on cybersecurity and willingness to review the external assessment for […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Manufacturing Environment

Manufacturers make money from production. If production stops so does revenue. Orders may not be delivered on time, delays happen, customers are unhappy, and the company loses money. Because manufacturers are increasingly reliant upon technology to complete production and technology will fail at some point it is vital to have a backup and disaster recovery (DR) plan at the plant […]

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Managing User Access in the Manufacturing Environement

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Managing user access in the manufacturing environment, especially at the plant level, is tricky. Unique machinery and production requirements call for specific skills and infrastructure that may not be supported centrally by corporate managers.  This means that many plants must operate as independent sub-businesses within a larger corporation.  Thus, governance and control of critical plant infrastructure […]

Managing Changes in the Manufacturing Environment

Engineers face unique problems when it comes to making changes to equipment on the manufacturing floor. Not only are there large (and expensive) components which have to be precisely installed and tested, but from a programming perspective, engineers also have to manage the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The PLC, like source code, contains the specific instructions which make the machinery on […]