rp_InterwebsSquare-150x150.pngHere are some quick reads compiled by Shane and Christian for the week of June 22, 2015. If you have interesting links of your own share them in the comments.

  •  NSA Tracking: NSA Has Reverse-Engineered Popular Consumer Anti-Virus Software In Order To Track Users
  • Norman Marks on Risk Analysis: Popular GRC expert shares a few thoughts (and excerpts from him book) on risk analysis. Specifically, the need to consider all relevant information and outcomes when it comes to assessing risks.
  • Auditors – You’re Killing Security: Things auditors should consider from a IT security executive’s perspective.
  • Is Google Chrome listening in on your conversations?: A new update to Google Chrome might indicate ease-dropping (or at least the ability to ease-drop) on you conversations. A new code snippet activates your computer’s microphone and transmits information back to Google servers.
  • How to hack fiber optic to steal sensitive data: A hacker shows how easy it is to tap into fiber optic networks to and steal potentially sensitive information. Further demonstrating the importance of physical and network level security controls.