Last week I helped a few friends with setting up a new website for their business and their associated email accounts for the domain. At one point in the process, one of them told me the password they wanted to use to access the site. Not shockingly, it was something rudimentary and simple.

Despite more and more of us being educated on the basics of good IT security practices at work, the average user is still using ridiculously simple and easy to guess passwords on systems that could be used to compromise our credit and finances!

In the latest episode of Security Now (episode 501), Steve Gibson reminded us of this fact when he shared the 50 most commonly used passwords!

I invite you all to review and be sure that if you’re using one of these passwords- go change it! Then head over to our amazing post on creating a strong password (that you can actually remember)!


50 Most Used Passwords

Compliments of the Security Now Podcast