A recent study by Symantec revealed that “together human errors and system problems account for 64 percent of data breaches”. This further reinforces the point I made in my last post that it is vital that companies train their employees.

To help drive that point home we have created a free information security training package free for any company to use if they find it useful. If you (or any of your clients) might find it helpful please feel free to share!

Video and Downloads: You can check out the training video and download documents here.

Feedback and Room for Improvement

We aren’t experts when it comes to making video and media (but we enjoy it) so we would really appreciate your feedback.

1. Is this type of thing something you would enjoy more of on this blog (tutorials, training videos, podcasts, etc.)?
2. Are these type of things something you feel you could share with your clients? If not, what can we do to make them something you could share?
2. What can we do to improve going forward? Any topics or subjects you would like to see?